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Visma Direktupphandling

Visma Direktupphandling is an application for private companies to create tenders for suppliers to bid on. It has an admin part - where the procurer creates an advirtisement as well as a page for the supplier to put the bid/offer on.

Back-office screen


Back-office screen - Before

This screen is suffering from poor visual hierarchy and poor process guidance. In combination using a grid that makes it look unnecessary engineering centric and hard to understand what’s expected of me as a user.


Showing an improved process view together with Nordic Cool 3 design. Shows clearly the main steps - a) the bids b) choices c) motivation and d) main action with a green button.

Back-office screen - After

Direktupphandling - service design screen

This is an interesting user interaction, where a supplier has been invited by a Visma-customer to place a bid on a tender. We don't have to use a typical 'administration interface design' for this. Think service design. Think consumer. This is our customers customer that interacts with a Visma solution. Think ease-of-use, think pleasant dialogue and think brand.



Context: A seldom user, that has not chosen to use Visma gets invited to this page. Solution: Make the visitor feel welcome. Invite the user without intimidation. Clear, distinct interaction surface pulls the user inside. This is a good context to avoid showing a dull technocratic interface but rather a friendly face.

Tender form

After registration keep the same pleasant feeling but dimming the image, focusing on the task at hand (filling in a form).

Tender form

Visma Proceedo

Visma Proceedo is a purchase to pay solution that incorporates two main modules, the procurement and invoice management module. Target group is typically large corporations and municipality

Procurement module


Procurement module - Before

This is basically an e-shop. Does it looks like it? No. And it uses a confusing and hard to use combination of filter and search. This combined with a technocratic interace design that more resembles an advanced ERP-solution intimidates users.


Using Nordic Cool 3 to put focus on the most important actions by using green complementary color. Generally more resemblance with a traditional e-shop. And using the recommended principle of search first, filter second. This combined increase a pleasant first impression as well as ease-of-learning and efficiency in use.

Procurement module - After

Invoice management module

The green complementary color is used to highlight where you are (invoice list), the search field, what is active in the invoice list (new invoices), what row is chosen in the list (second row) and that you can collapse the invoice image.

Invoice management module

Try out the Proceedo high fidelity prototype - here

MyVisma HR

MyVisma Payroll & HR is salary and human-resources management application. It is made for accounting offices to handle the administrative part of salaries and HR-related questions.


MyVisma HR - Before

This shows the application with Nordic Cool 1 graphical design. The top-part of the application does not use the screen real estate in an efficient way. Vertical menu is poorly used and eats valuable work surface real estate.


Here we see a thorough redesign of navigation, layouts and graphical design. Vertical navigation has been reduced and converted to a more space efficent two level horisontal menu. Leaving more space for work surface and better use of work surface with more efficient use of forms.

MyVisma HR - after

Visma eAccounting

Visma eAccounting is an application where you can handle invoicing, bookkeeping, simple payroll and a lot more. The typical user is a company with 0 - 20 employees and the application provides them with a complete tool for managing their business.


Visma eAccounting - Before

With Nordic Cool 2 the application becomes quite dark and in some cases looks more complex than it actually is due to the small UI elements.


With Nordic Cool 3 we get a brighter interface that is easier on the eyes. We have more ways to work with the green complementary color and using different sizes of elements in the screen to guide the user in the interface and create a better user experience.

Visma eAccounting - After

Try out the eAccounting high fidelity prototype - here