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Web library

Visma's Nordic Cool design, in Twitter Bootstrap format. Responsive design, custom components, and more!

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Based on Bootstrap 3.3.2 Questions, suggestions or bug reports? Contact UX


The web library is Visma’s reference implementation of Nordic Cool. It’s intended both as a live version of the design in the UX guidelines and as a resource when building web applications, including the technical recommendations in the guidelines. Since Visma uses several different platforms for web applications, the web library is intended to be a platform neutral resource.


The goal is to have small and regular releases. Releases use semantic versioning – minor releases (1.1->1.1.1) should generally not break any existing code.

There is also a development version, to show work in progress, features for next release and for testing. It can and will change at any time. Do not use this version in production. Contact UX if you want access.


The web library supports Internet Explorer 8 and up, the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, and Safari 5 and up. It should work on modern mobile browsers, but isn’t currently tested or adapted for them.

Generally, the web library aims for progressive enhancement, using advanced browser features where this makes markup cleaner and more future-proof, with fallbacks for older browsers as needed. Small visual differences between browsers can therefore be expected.